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Industrialized aesthetics and aestheticized technology

As time goes by, the level of the human civilization has become higher and higher, that will integrate into one world full of love, and friendship, which,in turn, fuse with the nature,  and in this fusion there will be no war, and no waste of resources, and in this fusion, everyone will assume a social responsibility, the evolution of the human civilization knows no country borders or geographical boundaries, it knows no distinction of races and high or low social standings, the civilization has no distinction of richness and poverty, everyone has his mission in the process of evolution of the human civilization !

The fossil apes invented rough stoneware, that they used as tools for hunting and eating.

Later, various work tools and skills continued to improve, new inventions appeared one after another. The invention of ploughboard improved the agricultural production efficiency by 10 times. Then, mankind made up gunpowder, fired porcelain, made paper. Before long, Wood engraving and printing were also invented successively. We invented the compass, built water wheel, constructed dykes and dams, and became better and better at developing irrigation systems ... ...

All these inventions of different periods, aimed at improving the material and spiritual life of mankind.

In the present days, a lot of products have appeared, such as cars, TV, internet, computers, mobile phones that have been created to improve mankind's standard of living. The birth of the medical technology products and biotechnology products, have reduced the suffering from people's  physiological diseases and from the natural disasters, the products of games, music, artwork, have enriched people's  mental life.

In our nation's "One Belt One Road" policy,  with his regards to the Middle East in war for a long time, Chairman XI emphasized: "The development of economy and eradication of poverty constitute a  basic treatment path  in our search for a long-term peaceful development and an unblocking of the blocks of religious extremism. We will develop economy together all the way along one belt one road. ”

Therefore, we must develop the economy, but the materials and products of many developing and developed countries are overproduced, beyond the needs of life, already to the extent of the wastage of resources.But with the development of industry and technology, we are currently facing the environmental pollution, and wastage of resources, the survival crisis on the planet earth of mankind, and there are a lot of countries in the situation of at war, poverty and hunger for a long time. The progress of the human civilization has suffered regional and ethnic restrictions, here, I am, feeling very sad. I look forward to the coming of a new era of civilization where there is no war and boundaries!

Electronic audio products were born more than hundreds of years ago, in this process, many audio products continue to allow people to experience the charm of the music. The level of sound quality, in addition to the configuration of the electronic parts, larger factors depends on the material and shape of the sound chamber, currently, most of the audio products in the market are made with plastic and wood as the main shell materials, while the sound quality of the desktop small audio products , and  the aesthetic property of the appearance have left many consumers unable to be satisfied. Since we want both the economic development as well as the saving of resources, we should not develop products of high energy-consumption, the products that circulate on the market must have high added value in order to promote the economic development, such as artwork, handicraft products, the art is the value, uniqueness is the value, high quality is the value.

In order to let people have a better specific breakthrough experience, we have spent five years to develop an artful audio equipment, a perfect combination of art and music.

The shape of our artful audio system is hand carved by our sculpture master, by using the polymer resin and by applying the pressure-free perfusion, create irregular shaped products that other materials cannot complete. The artful shape, hand-colored, plus the polymer resin material which hardness and strength can be adjusted, so as to let the bass and treble sound be carried to the extremes. To give people a totally new experience in art and music. That is our hand-made artful audio system.

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