Bulldog Bluetooth art speaker brings you the most beautiful Shenzhen

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 I have asked many people why they like to be in Shenzhen? Recently graduated college students say that they will queue up consciously when they like Shenzhen. Some entrepreneurs say that their friends are very willing to help others achieve their dreams. Some old people say that many people smile at me... We think that the soul of Shenzhen is not high-rise buildings or the rapid rise of economy, but the culture of the city: friendliness and tolerance, freedom and equality, Passion and dream, youth and vitality.

   Due to these characteristics of Shenzhen, we selected these two architectural representatives as our design elements. Shenzhen Citizen Center: the representative foundation, which is the most direct and close place for the government to communicate with the masses. Due to the management of the government and the spirit of serving the people, it has a lot to do with the formation of such an open culture in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Universiade Gymnasium: represents the spirit of Shenzhen, just like the spirit of sports, striving for progress, youth and vitality, never stop, surpassing ourselves


CROSS HUMANITY is an international brand. At present, cross humanity has obtained a number of international patents, which are popular with European and American customers! Just like Shenzhen Culture: open and international, freedom and equality, innovation, passion and dream. Shenzhen is the capital of design, art, music and Technology... Our product "Bulldog Bluetooth art speaker" combines art with technology and design with speaker ", which is in line with the impression of this city. We also hope to bring Shenzhen Culture to more cities and countries

Created on:2019-09-16 16:00