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That's the style

The design of this exhibition is also a tonality of inheriting our brand, simple and exquisite black-and-white style. The design concept is to take "dark forest" as the theme, so that the soul of each placement will bloom its own color, reflecting the innovation of art and the flexibility of life.






If you also come to the scene, you will prove that I am right. Our booth has really reached the 4-day popularity of No.1. Let's review how popular our booth and products are in the end!!! Unconsciously, four days of the exhibition passed, and every day the scene was full all day. Our staff almost had no rest in the whole process, and even couldn't attend to meals. Even so, we didn't feel tired at all. Our mental outlook has been online all the time. Look at our unified apron, ha ha ~ isn't it super cute! Everyone has worked hard. Call for you~


The attention of new products continues to rise. From the first day of the exhibition, we have received high praise for this new product. Many customers place orders directly on site. Please don't worry. Give us a bit of buffer time and inform us of the new product delivery immediately!


Real bigwigs come to visit us --- Mr. Li Haibo, vice president of Himalayas. What a surprise! What a surprise! My idol is coming too!!! Excited my heart ~ you ask me how deep I love you, the moon represents my heart! Thank you for your patronage and guidance!



The cat is fat and round. It's just like this. There are a lot of things in my heart that are not so thin. That's it. I'm fat and very good. How big the power is, how fat it will be! I sing by my own voice and get fat. How can I get fat? Do you give me money? Thank you for your suggestions. We will further improve the details and present more complete new products in early June. Please look forward to it!

You ask me how true I love you, my expression only changes because of you, because you are my little cute! It's my pleasure to watch you smile and listen to you sing. Don't deprive me of my happiness!


Elegant deer head, understand people naturally understand! That's it. The elegant, confident singing with my head high, my horns will shine, and light up your hope~


All crosshumanity products

All of them are protected by appearance patent and invention and application patent of material and technology. There are risks in peer imitation!
Please respect intellectual property and originality!

Thank you for your dedication, because of your efforts, this exhibition has a good response and a successful ending! However, don't think this is the end. This is just the beginning. The more wonderful process needs your active participation and support! Let's look forward to the next journey! All the new discoveries I want to share with you~


Created on:2019-09-16 16:03